Bridal Hair

Bridal Hair

So you’ve booked your me for your wedding day hair needs (yay!) what now?  Generally speaking, I like to keep the trial run within a month of the wedding.  This way, your big decisions have already been made, your hair is how it’s going to be for your wedding day, and it will be fresh in both our minds for your big day. 

After booking to your trial run, go ahead and start looking for inspiration pictures.  Pinterest can be your best friend and worst enemy.  To keep it on the friendly side keep these pointers in mind.  
- Try to pick inspo photos with the same color hair as you.
- Keep your hair in mind.  If you have fine hair, try to pick pictures that they have fine hair. If you have crazy thick hair, try to pick pictures that the girl looks like she has super thick hair as well.
- Even if you have a specific style in mind try to pick at least one back up.
- Go ahead and pin all the pictures, but by the time of your trial run try to narrow it down to three favorites. 

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Trial Run

Be prepared for a lengthy appointment. I set aside three hours for trial runs.  This might seem excessive, but if we don’t use the whole time that’s ok!  You should try 2-3 styles at your trial run.  

I always like to have a back up hairstyle for half-up half down brides, in case of rain or extreme heat. This way, you’ll already have another style in your back pocket that you know you are comfortable with just in case. I like to be over prepared!

Bring your veil or any hair accessories with you to your trial run. We will go over placement options and take pictures so everything is lined up and ready for your big day.  

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