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Beauty Tips for Every Bride!

Good Hair Days

A bad haircut, a horrible color, or better yet: both. Everyone has had it happen to them. You have a vision of what you want and you end up with something horrific that makes you feel like your hair isn’t even a part of you anymore. Just some unwanted foreign object on your head.

Bad technique is not always to blame. More often than not it is a failure in communication that causes a horrible hair outcome. As a stylist I wanted to share a few basic tips that might help you avoid a bad experience.

Don’t surprise your stylist.

Want to do a major color transformation? Great! Don’t wait until your appointment time to surprise your stylist with this news. If we have done your hair before we generally know how long it will take to complete your usual hair service. If you come in wanting a total transformation, we may not have time to do everything that needs to be done to achieve the look you are going for. By giving your stylist a heads up we can book enough time to make sure you get the best results.

Pictures are great!

Sometimes you can have a very detailed conversation, and completely feel like you are on the same page, but in fact be in completely different novels. Pictures are a great way to communicate what you want without having to try and learn a bunch of hairdresser lingo. I love it when clients have previously picked out pictures of what they have been thinking about doing. That being said, it’s best to limit it to three pictures. More than that generally tends to bring vast differences in what you are trying to communicate.

Book a Consultation.

Most salons and independent stylists have no problem booking a consultation before committing to a hair appointment. If you are in the market for a new hairdresser it is really hard to find someone you like. Booking a consultation will allow you to meet your potential stylist, ask any questions you may have, and get an accurate quote on pricing. It’s very difficult to give accurate pricing over the phone having never seen the person or clearly know what they want/need. A consultation usually takes around 10 minutes, and it alleviates the anxiety of taking a chance on someone new.

Be Honest!

Have you box dyed your hair in the past?? That’s ok, just let us know. Even if you feel like it has completely faded out, that doesn’t mean it’s not still in your hair. Knowing what your hair has previously been through is important. In the spirit of being honest, if you really want to try something, tell us! Sometimes I feel like clients are too timid to tell me what they really want done with their hair and they are secretly hoping that by saying “I don’t know do what you want” I will figure it out. I would love to make your hair dreams come true!

Be Direct.

I had a girl in my chair tell me she wanted more layers. The girl had more layers than Bon Jovi, and I honestly didn’t know how adding any more would be possible. After further discussion, she told me that she thought more layers would add more volume. The Bon Jovi haircut was a result of her telling her previous stylist that she wanted more and more layers when she wasn’t getting the volume she desired.

It is an amazing feeling to find a hairdresser who gets you. From a hairdresser’s point of view, we cherish the relationships we have with our clients. We love to get to know you throughout the years, hear about your life experiences, and watch you and your family grow. Hopefully these tips will help you find your perfect hairdresser or communicate with your current one with ease. I wish you many good hair days to come!

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Bridal Pointers

A few pointers for your big day!

So you’ve booked me for your wedding, now what? First off, thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your big day!!! Here’s a few basic pointers on what to do between now and your wedding day…

Start looking at hairstyles you would like to try and save pictures!

I tell my brides to start out saving any and every picture that interests you, but by the time of your trial run narrow it down to 3 styles you would like to see on yourself. Consider your hair type when picking out pictures. If you pick pictures of models with hair similar to yours (color, thickness, ect.) it is more achievable for that style to work with your hair.

If you are considering coloring your hair for your wedding, don’t wait!

If you’ve never had highlights or color don’t wait until a month or shorter to your big day. I’d say give it at least 3 months (or longer). That way if there’s any need for tweaking your color to get it just right there is time, and it’s not a shock to you if you’ve never had color before. Also, it will be nice to have the same hair in your bridal shower and bachelorette party pictures.

Consider adding an accent highlight to your hair.

Some people are blessed with natural highlights and contours in their hair…..others….not so much. Monochromatic hair (one solid color) does not look as well in pictures as hair that has natural looking highs and lows. Even 10 simple, well placed foils can make a huge step in the right direction at minimal cost. (find inspiration on my Pinterest board!) I would be happy to provide you with any and all of your haircare needs leading up to the big day.

DO NOT get a haircut the same week of your wedding!

Believe it or not fresh, blunt ends do not work the best with bridal hairstyles. Schedule any haircuts about 3-4 weeks out.

The trial run is SOOO important!

Expect to spend up to 2-3 hours if you’re unsure of how you would like to wear your hair. If you are dead set on a style, still try at least one alternative hairstyle. Rain, extreme heat, or wind all effect your hair and are equally as unpredictable. It’s good to have a backup hairstyle that you are comfortable with, just in case.

Make the most out of your trial run!

Try to schedule your beauty trial runs the same day as a dress fitting. That way you get a better idea of the whole picture. You can also schedule it the same day as a bridal boudoir session. That way when your groom receives the photo album, your hair and makeup will be the same as your wedding day.

These are just a few commonly asked questions and concerns when brides have booked me in the past. Always feel free to ask any and all questions! My goal is to make you feel at ease on your wedding day, and getting all the questions out of the way aides in making that possible!